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K-Book Copyright Market: Why following K-Content so closely?

Riding the Korean Wave:

What Koreans call "Hallyu" is a fantasy about Korea that many of our readers from around the globe share. Neither didn't start with "Parasite" becoming the first foreign language film to win Best Picture and three other Academy Awards in 2020 nor did "Squid Games" make it begin. "Koreaboo" made many foreigners travel and move to Korea over the last decade, they might have fallen for Korean idols, K-Pop, K-Drama or K-Beauty ever since "Gangnam style" (which is my first K-memory). K-Wave made Korea become one of the most culturally influential countries - regarding our readers, let's go with the flow! That's why I wanted to learn more about K-Fiction and their absolutely popular and upcoming authors/idols.

Feel free to ask about trends/recommendations/spots to watch from Seoul Book Fair!

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