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Literact is a kids media agency and literary bureau based in Germany, offering quality services to publishers from all around the world. Storytelling works by making the content accessible and present, as widely as possible. LiterAct builds bridges to support creatives and their publisher or rights holders. 


Copyright and contract negotiation expertise is absolutely given. But, most evidently, we go beyond selling.

To be of best help and support we focus on the editorial. Content preparation and marketing assistance make your stories accessible our partners. By being well-aware of each work's value,it's easy and simple to find a 'true match' with a well-fitting licensee. We're about making the content work - together. That brings a focus on finding truly fitting stories for partners, convincing their licensees and clients by succeeding on their markets. The agency's goal is to keep the audience (and revenue!) of highly-valued creatives growing.


By finding new retail chains for books or merchandise that make brands become visible and unmissable. Accessibility and availability also count for licensing audio, dramatic, film/TV/series, foreign, merchandising. serial or stage rights of their works. That's how we can make content attractive - together!

:Just sharing our 
love for stories

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