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8th Istanbul Fellowship 2023

Big excitement about the new location 'Rani Library' with a large park, a full playground and more than one coffee house on the ground! Probably, there couldn't have been a better way to make all fellows feel the high literacy rate and reading habits of Turkish readers, especially children.

Six figure print runs of newest titles are an average sales success for any of overall nearly 3,200 Turkish publishers. More than 200 fellows and Turkish partners have been exchanging ideas and current trends in the Library barn over three days. And I guess that online participants have neither struggled nor missed much 'on the ground'. The digital meeting platform, relevant for all fellows, made every meeting an easy talk. I haven't heard of any issues or experienced distant distance 'talks'.

Excited about some pearls I found in over 30 meetings, I very much enjoyed celebrating our dear colleague Mauro Spagnol's birthday party in Taksim - around many football fans. And travelled to Seoul on the Champions League's Finals day, the whole airport was probably as excited as the two arriving teams from Manchester and Milano. I hope all football fans enjoy incredible Istanbul as much as we did. And will come back, too!

This Rights/content marketplace cannot be overlooked (just like the Champions League Finals 2023 can't be missed if you are willing to pay 2,500 to 4,000 EUR for a ticket). I somehow feel like the Fellowship deals could have made many participants cover these (incredibly) high costs! Over 1,000 deals have been made and Istanbul Fellowship had an incredible value for Frankfurt book fair preparations. Recent demands or the focus of nearly all editors were absolutely surprising. Our markets are becoming closer and closer or are already one. Looks like it... even more reason to share high quality content and storytelling! This means that quite a lot of work is waiting, but first I'm trying to bring my thrill about the Korea Copyright market in Seoul and visiting publishers in Tokio afterwards back to a normal level of 'fair fever'... ;-)

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