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Feel free to browse through all current catalogues of our clients. A first look that makes you want to know more is the perfect 'entry' for a detailed pitch. And as you might know, I am always happy to discuss any potential. And am getting better in being short and sweet. Click on the cover to download the catalogue!

Editions Chouette - Help kids discover the pleasure of reading by offering top-quality books

Specialized in children’s literature since 1987, publishing books for children from 0 to 6 years old. Every title has the unique objective of helping children discover the pleasure of reading. Also at the origin of the creation of "Caillou" in 1989. Books featuring our little friend are now translated into more than 20 languages, sold in some 50 countries!


Edition Helden - Get excited about reading with comics!

Showing parents how to motivate their children to read books with children's comics. And thus strengthening their learning success.
Because reading is fun! And weaknesses can become strengths. Edition Helden books whet the appetite for more:

Edition Helden

Jupitermond Verlag - High quality Picture Books on environmental awareness, diversity and tolerances

Exceptional and valuable children's books! Since the start in 2020, the first Picture Book climbed the bestseller ranks and two titles were shortlisted for German Children's Book Award. The driving force behind all 24 Picture Books is to bring children closer to socially relevant topics in an educationally meaningful and valuable way. To strengthen their self-confidence and to broaden their horizons. On topics such as inclusion, diversity, bullying, self-love as well as animal and nature conservation. With affectionate and child-friendly illustrations, they are designed to encourage change. Publishing three novelties per program!


Magellan - Fine Children's and YA Literature with big sales potential

You might also fall in love with the catchy language of Magellan's authors or 'light and happy' artwork by internationally successful illustrators. Shorter texts, gripping up-to-date topics but still narrated in a high quality of reader-friendly storytelling! Most of all, it's fun and informative. Playful learning included.


Magellan - Fine Games

The many games by Magellan are not only playful education connected to board books about nature of everyday topics, they also are 'green' alternatives to classic toys or editions to bestselling books. Making up a story in each game!

Magellan Spiele_H23.PNG

More to follow!

We're not getting lost in the desert... I just love and enjoy the moving mountains very much. They make space or are continuously building up.

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