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Discover the World of Seas and Oceans!


A non-fiction book for children from 8 years and adults by very well-selling Maren Hasenjäger ("A Small Blue Dot", over 20,000 copies sold and translated into Danish). With 4 panoramic pages about navigators, explorers, animal migration routes and the most important waterways.

Our earth is two-thirds covered with water. With so much water, we need to know our way around. For that, you need nautical charts - and this large-format, opulently designed non-fiction book!


It contains everything you need to know about our oceans. The many large and small maps provide insight into the largest oceans, how the seas were formed, and the history of cartography. We learn what is meant by plate tectonics and what treasures lie hidden deep down at the bottom of the sea. Especially the large panoramic pages make the book an experience for readers at every age!

My Big Sea Chart Atlas

  • Non-fiction

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